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Here you will find Bermuda homes for sale. This site features Bermuda homes, condos, villas, and waterfront property on the beach. Bermuda is the oldest British overseas territory and is located in the North Atlantic Ocean off the coast eastern coast of the United States. Bermuda is very wealthy relative to many other places with Finance being its largest economic sector, which is followed by tourism. Bermuda is becoming a very popular choice for expatriates (expats) and other foreign nationals desiring to relocate to an island paradise!
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There are a large variety of Bermuda homes for sale including condos, townhomes, villas, waterfront properties, and on the beach homes. Bermuda is made up of a total of 9 parishes:: Hamilton (a municipality city), St George's (a municipality town), Devonshire, Paget, Pembroke, Sandys, Smith's, Southampton, Warwick and there are two informal villages of: Flatts Village and Somerset Village.

Bermuda Condos

There are several restrictions that are placed on non-citizens purchasing real estate, which you can read about here: Bermuda Homes. (Essentially you need to purchase a home that is in the $5 million+ range if you are a non-citizen of Bermuda.) Bermuda condos on the other hand are generally exempt from those restrictions. The Bermuda real estate market can be somewhat expensive compared to other non-island locations. The old rule of supply and demand definitely applies. With many persons desiring a Bermuda condo, this has led to increased home values. But, there are still opportunities for expatriates (expats) that are desiring to buy a Bermuda condo for sale.

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